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Get Custom 3D Assets With Exclusive Rights

We’ll create custom assets for your game. You’ll have exclusive rights to these assets to do whatever you wish with them. Not even we can resell them. Type your request below and be as detailed as possible and we’ll get back to you asap.

In simple terms, you are allowed to use our assets for all your commercial and non commercial projects as much as you like. You are allowed to modify our assets to suit your needs even to the point where the assets are not recognizable.You are not allowed to resell our assets as is, meaning you can't buy our assets and sell them on other marketplaces. You also can't modify our assets then resell them as yours, even if the modified asset looks completely different from our original asset.And you are not allowed to use our assets for anything AI related. You can't give it info from our assets, make it copy our assets, learn from them etc.