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Blackmoon Boss Pack 2

5 high quality Blackmoon characters. The models are highly detailed and optimized which will allow you create any stunning mobile, console or pc game.

Technical information:

  • Rigged: (Yes/No) Yes to UE4 Mannequin Skeleton
  • Rigged to Epic skeleton: (Yes/No) Yes
  • Rigged for Unity: Yes
  • Animated: (Yes/No) Yes
  • Number of characters: 5
  • Number of weapons: 10
  • Number of items: 10 – including 2 rigged and simulated cloths – cape and waist cloth
  • Vertex counts of characters: From 4000 to 13000
  • Texture Resolutions: 2K – 4K
  • Number of Demo Animations (in Unreal Engine): 6 (ONLY Epic Games Default Third Person Animation for Demonstration purpose)
  • Downloadable files: Unreal Engine project, Unity package, FBX files
  • All models work with animations

These models work with:

Works With 1

Unreal Engine Preview

Unity Engine Preview

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Indie Studio & Individual License
This license is for individuals, indie developers or studios with 2 to 5 people on staff in total.
Medium Studio License
This license is for studios with 6 to 20 people on staff in total.
Big Studio & Commercial License
This license is for studios with 21 or more people on staff in total.

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