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Discover How To Create A Stunning Portfolio That Will Get You Hired In Almost Any Game Studio

A while back we asked everyone in a game development group we used to run: “Have you ever applied for a job and got rejected? Including not even hearing back from the game studio at all.” Here’s what they said:

As you can see, out of all the people who applied, only 5% got a response from a game studio. Whenever a game dev gets rejected or doesn’t hear back from the game studio, that means his portfolio is not good. Because the job of the portfolio is to impress the game studio so they invite you to a job interview. And that’s the reason why we created:

The Perfect Portoflio

Inside The Perfect Portfolio you’ll get 20 source code projects you can use to create a stunning portfolio that will get you hired in almost any game studio you apply to. But that’s not all. You can reuse the source codes for your own commercial projects and even to learn from.

Here’s A Preview Of All 20 Source Codes You’re Getting


Complete Source Code Projects · AAA Quality 2D & 3D Games · Ready To Go Unreal Engine Game Projects


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In simple terms, you are allowed to use our assets for all your commercial and non commercial projects as much as you like. You are allowed to modify our assets to suit your needs even to the point where the assets are not recognizable. You are not allowed to resell our assets as is, meaning you can't buy our assets and sell them on other marketplaces. You also can't modify our assets then resell them as yours, even if the modified asset looks completely different from our original asset. And you are not allowed to use our assets for anything AI related. You can't give it info from our assets, make it copy our assets, learn from them etc.