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How To Overcome The Biggest Problem Most Game Developers Face When Creating Their Video Game?

As game developers the biggest issue we face is finding assets that fit our game art style. Most 3D assets found online come with a couple of models which are not enough to create a full video game.

So we are forced to wander around different asset marketplaces hoping to find models that are high quality and fit into our game art style…

Most of the time this doesn’t happen because it’s really hard to find 3D models from different creators that fit together.

Because of that we get stuck, it takes us a lot of time to create our game and sometimes we abandon the game we spent so much time developing just because we can’t find assets that fit our needs.

That’s why, our mission is to help game developers all over the world fix that problem with our ever growing collection of 3D assets.

You already got Souls Pack 2 – The Forgotten with 4 stunning hero characters, but what are heroes in the game if you don’t have enemies they’ll fight?

For that reason, we created a special bundle of 20 enemy characters which you can use to create your stunning game, we call it:

Epic Enemy Bundle

Below you can see the preview of all 20 enemy characters you’re getting in this bundle…

20 high quality enemy characters. These models are highly detailed and optimized which will allow you to create any stunning mobile, console or pc game.

For Unreal Engine, these models work for 4.27 version and any version above. For Unity, these models work with version 2018 and any version above.

Technical information:

  • Rigged: Yes to Unreal Engine 4 Mannequin
  • Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes
  • Rigged for Unity: Yes
  • Animated: Yes
  • Number of characters: 20
  • Vertex counts of characters: From 4000 to 50000
  • Texture resolutions: 2k – 4k
  • Number of demo animations in Unreal Engine: Only Epic Games default third person animation for demonstration purpose
  • Downloadable files: Unreal Engine project, Unity package, FBX files
  • These models work with animations
These models work with:
Works With 3

And Here's How These Enemies Will Look Like In Your Game

If you were to get the asset packs which contain these 20 enemies it would cost you $302 on our website under the Indie Studio license, and even then it would be a bargain compared to the high detail, quality and optimization of these models…

But today you’re getting this asset bundle of 20 stunning enemy characters for…

Only $197 More With All 3 Licenses Included

When you click the button above you’ll immediately upgrade your account to include Epic Enemy Bundle for just $197 more and you can download Epic Enemy Bundle in your account dashboard on the next page

NOTE: The $197 price includes all licenses for this bundle which means you can use these assets for any commercial project (except distributing or reselling them as is) no matter if you’re an indie game developer or a big studio.

But this is only valid on this page. If you decide to get these assets from our shop, them you’ll have to get various different packs and the price for every license will differ.

In simple terms, you are allowed to use our assets for all your commercial and non commercial projects as much as you like. You are allowed to modify our assets to suit your needs even to the point where the assets are not recognizable. You are not allowed to resell our assets as is, meaning you can't buy our assets and sell them on other marketplaces. You also can't modify our assets then resell them as yours, even if the modified asset looks completely different from our original asset. And you are not allowed to use our assets for anything AI related. You can't give it info from our assets, make it copy our assets, learn from them etc.